Sunday, March 23, 2014

29w3d: Two Belly Bumps Felt at Dog Park...At Last

As I prep to hit the road again, we took a break during today's Open House and took the pups to their favorite activity, the dog park!

It was so nice to spend some quality time with the wife as the dogs romped around.

At one point, I hugged her and as I stood there taking in the moment, I felt the baby kicking up against my own stomach (some attest my bump is bigger than the wife's, I continue to plead the fifth on that one).

But I've gotta say that was one of the most special moments and feelings. Just incredible. Knowing that our own baby can now actually be felt. Just awesome.

Then I thought. At Last.

At last our dream is coming true.

At last so many things we thought of before are now happening before our eyes.

With such blessings, how can you not believe in miracles.

At last, our love is morphing into being given the privilege of raising another human being with that love.

At Last....

OUR VEGAS BABY MOON! (click here)


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