Friday, March 21, 2014

29w1d: Spring Season In Full Splendor


As this second day of Spring settles in, the baby is becoming much more aware of his cramped quarters. Due to work commitments, I was unable to make a scheduled trip from a dear friend to the Big D. But luckily connected with her over Skype while spending time with my wife. Her nephew even cooked up a storm. Can't wait for the leftovers.

Today I had the chance to spend some time at the home of a colleague. I was mesmerized by the dynamic of his two young kids. Those experiences is what I'm most looking forward to. As his kids came over to say hello, he would hug them with such loving embrace.

I couldn't help bug notice just the glimmer of joy radiating from his eyes as he held them tight. That is an experience and feeling I've never known. But totally looking forward to living.


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