Thursday, March 20, 2014

29 Weeks Pregnant! First Day of Spring

Another bump day today.

A bump day is the day of the week when we hit a full week milestone in the pregnancy. For us, it's every Thursday.

The baby today:

* weighs 2.5lbs.
* measures 15 inches
* brain is growing super fast, so is his head
* biggest change are the bones absorbing tons of calcium, 250 mg a day.

The calcium intake is important as the bones are hardening and that nutrient is essential.

Since I'm in LA this week, been face timing with wife as is our ritual every evening. She has grown more than when I saw her. And her feet continue to be swollen.

Wife has been extra emotional lately as it has hit her that she is leaving the high school where she taught since the school opened and since we moved to Texas. It is a very special place to her and is overwhelmed with the love she is getting on her pending departure.

Gotta say I'm loving being the pregnant husband. You have all sorts of crazy conversations with friends that you never thought possible. Today's topic was about to circumcise or not. Quite an interesting debate.

The other was about how the mom really needs to drink lotsa milk as the baby is sucking lotsa calcium, about 200 ml a day. If that source is not from what the mom is eating or drinking, it will take it from her own body and that's not good.

Another theme is on death. Something you wouldn't think of talking about when you're talking about expecting a life. But it's life. Many parents have suffered through the loss of a child. I saw that first hand with my parents when they lost my brother Ivan on his 15th birthday on 9/14/91. No parent should ever have to bury their child.

It takes tremendous courage of spirit, faith and will to endure such a tragedy. It is often said that things happen for a reason. But something's are just not in our grasp to comprehend. We should live each day counting our blessings for the gift of life is truly a God given miracle of the ultimate expression of love. I sincerely believe that. I leave you with this powerful story of an angel that regardless of his time here, changed many lives with the infinite power of love.


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