Wednesday, March 19, 2014

28w6d: A German Shepherd Connection Rekindles Our Beloved Precious

If you  have been following our crazy roller coaster ride thus far, you know it keeps on climbing! Wife's ankles were unusually swollen today. Worse yet, I have a hunch she failed her glucose test.

As you can imagine, this week was no different in the roller coaster ride. Something neat happened though that took me to a very special place in our lives in 2007.

Y'all know we've always been huge dog lovers. In fact, today all day I was thinking when we lost our dear Precious. My wife's loyal companion whom while she initially hated me (yes, she even bit me) grew to love me. It was leading up to our wedding that we realized she wasn't herself.

Sure enough, over $3K in surgeries later, we realized no money in the world would save her. We knew her time was coming. Worse yet, we knew she would not make it to our wedding. So what does my wife do? She put her wedding dress on the week prior to our wedding and took pictures with her beloved precious.

I didn't take the pictures since her dress was a surprise until wedding day.

But now I think back, and realize how powerful a moment that was. A testament to the bond my wife had with her beloved german shepherd. These are all memories we will be sharing with our baby as he/she will too grow to love dogs as much as we do. I am sure their sound is all too familiar now with our three little rascals.

From up above in doggy heaven, we send a big huge bear hug to our beloved precious.


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