Monday, March 10, 2014

27w4d: Home Searching & Heart Beating

Well, our home had its first open house today. Well, not to the public, but to agents. Let's hope this gets the word out on this spectacular home that we are going to miss beyond words.

Crossing our fingers that this part of the relocation to LA will be a smooth one.

Have been spending the last couple weeks searching high and low for our SoCal nest. It's quite an exhausting process.

The cool thing is that today as we searched and reviewed properties we were both able to run into the fact that we could feel the baby's heartbeat by putting our fingers against the bump.

It was actually just by accident as wife was leaning over and squishing the poor critter, so that pressure must have had the baby against the side we felt him. Pretty cool.

Another photographer came by the house today to take "twilight" photos of the exterior. Apparently that is something in demand. To See how the home looks at night. Weird. Never heard of that. But anything to get this property sold!

We are still on a high from yesterday's unbelievably cool Baby Shower hosted at the Shaver's residence. They all went completely all out and threw quite an unforgettable get together. Hopefully you were able to see the snippet of the video I uploaded yesterday.

The day started a bit stressful as call came in that father in law was having a pretty bad day. Wife was on phone with doctors for quite some time. This is his off week of chemo and is taking the in between shots to strengthen his immune system. Turns out he is pretty weak and had another fall this morning and mother in law was worried he'd fall again today from doctor's appointment in the morning. His blood pressure is being impacted by the chemo so that has to be adjusted once more.

For now, we are exhausted. Time to rest and resume house-hunting tomorrow. As a surprise is in store for later in the week! (wink, wink)


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