Sunday, March 9, 2014

27w3d: Baby Shower Texas-Style!!!

What an unforgettable and special day. Not because this morning we lost an hour with springing forward the clock, but because of the day's events.

This is one of those days that love came through from those you love. Our friends came together to throw Alicia an amazing Baby Shower.

Words do not do justice how neat and meaningful this was to us. Here's a flavor of what we lived today:

Baby G was doing somersaults all day of sheer joy. I've gotta say my wife was just stunning with her glow and baby bump.There were laughs, music, tears, more laughs, and many many toasts.

The evening was capped with mom playing baby songs live on her radio show while we settled in bed to touch Baby Bump move around and cause raucous in the womb. He must know grandma's voice by now as he was moving throughout mom's radio show.

Yes. Mom has her own internet radio show. So now you know where I get my crazy personality from. Feel free to listen in. She in on live mostly everyday. Being that she is now retired, this is her favorite pastime.  Just click below and enjoy her lively and entertaining show (you can even request songs on demand!)

Mom's Live Radio Show click here

Well, it was quite an emotional and happy day. Good Night y'all.


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