Friday, March 7, 2014

27w1d: House On The Market & Late Pregnancy Classes

A tumultuous time is what we are living. Yes, that's the perfect descriptor.

We put our house on the market for sale yesterday and it appeared on all the for sale real estate online sites today. We are moving back to LA to be closer to family. Wife has been spending lotsa time in San Diego caring for her dad who was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. So our move will certainly lift his spirits and hopefully our baby's arrival in 3 short months will give him the drive we need him to have.

With the craziness, we've missed tons of the scheduled pregnancy classes we were planning on taking. So wife has enrolled in a few which I won't be able to be a part of :(

Baby has been moving a lot. Hopefully it's not because he is feeling our pressure!

Need some zzzzzz's...



  1. Take a recorder or ipad and have cousin play the classes back to you.. big hugs to both of you.. I feel your pain, frustration and stress! Praying for brighter days! Chin up..