Tuesday, March 4, 2014

26w5d: Baby G & Parents Moving To L.A.!!!

As if the last couple months have not been overwhelming enough, we are packing our bags and moving to LA!

My announcement was made official at work this past Friday and the wife told the principal today.

Quite bittersweet as we love love love Texas. We love Dallas, love our jobs, love our community, and love our friends.

But there comes a time when one must make unselfish sacrifices for the better good of those we love. This is the time to be home. With in-laws health deteriorating and fighting cancer, coupled with baby on the way, it's the right time.

Wife's symptoms continue with increased saliva and huffing and puffing. Today was her first day back at work after being in a San Diego with her dad almost a month. Colleagues and students gave her a hero's welcome. Even an applause when she entered her classroom. Quite special. She got teary- eyed when she told me tonight of her conversation with the principal about submitting her resignation. She loves that school, the kids she teaches, and her fellow teachers.

She has been at that school for the four years we've lived in Dallas. Wife was an inaugural teacher at the campus as she was on the first team that opened that new school in 2010. Bittersweet indeed.


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