Monday, March 3, 2014

26w4d: Snowed In Baby Kicks with Tow Truck Bedside

So today was interesting. Wife's first day back at school and all schools closed because of weather. Snow Day = Day off for students and teachers.

I had early crack of dawn trip to Chicago. And it was definitely Icemageddon. Things just got ugly at the airport.

Baby G continues romping around and kicking without relief.

I have to say that I now find myself helping wife with lift off from bed. She herself said she'd love to have a tow truck to lift her up by the bed. Yet she is thoroughly enjoying her Snoogle.

She woke up with 5 strange random dots on her right arm as if  they had been drawn. Hmmmm.

This weekend we had to take an emergency shopping spree as none of her existing maternity clothes fit anymore. How does that happen?

Our pool and spill have been running 24/7 which only means we are still in freezing temperatures outside. Insanity as we were in the 80's over the weekend.


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