Thursday, February 27, 2014

26 WEEKS PREGNANT! - Baby Size of a Lettuce & Opens Eyes!

And we are off to the races.

The baby is growing, the baby is moving, the baby is restless!

I had a revelation today. As we were catching up on news. I saw a segment on the Prince William and his wife. As they were holding their newborn, I asked wife if she was almost ready to given birth to their second. I asked because as she stood next to him, her bump was huge. Turns out, the bump doesn't go immediately away once you give birth. Who woulda thunk! I had no idea that it takes a couple days for the bump to go away.


  1. We have also discovered that like his parents he too is a night owl. Sleeps all day and starts acting up at night. 
  2. The nerves in his ears are now so developed that he can hear practically everything. Both mom and dad's voices as well as the barking of the dogs. So he will know them . 
  3. The biggest accomplishment today is that the baby is now opening his or her eyes!
  4. He weighs a full two pounds
  5. Over nine inches long

Wife refuses to acknowledge she is going through "pregnancy brain" or "momnesia" -- she is. She is usually pretty sharp on having a photographic memory just like she has sonic hearing. It's kinda annoying now that she tends to be forgetting things. But all a part of the fun. 

Overall, one more week left of the second trimester (there are a total of three in a pregnancy). And I've gotta say, it has flown by!


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