Tuesday, February 25, 2014

25w5d: BIO-Oil Rubbin' & Rubbin' & Burstin'

One more sleep!

99 more days to go. Wife continues to now really feel her growth.

* in one week her baby bump has grown one whole inch to 44 inches around her belly!
* she is now steadily gaining weight as not seen before.
* declared existing maternity clothes no longer fit and needs bigger sizes. oh boy. oh girl.
* everything is growing, growing, growing.

One of the treats of the wife being with her family during her support of taking her dad to the myriad of cancer treatment appointments and stroke physical therapy sessions has been having them enjoy a bit of our pregnancy over the last several weeks.

As has become our nightly ritual of face timing (above), her mom was showing me how she was feeling the baby move. You just can't plan for moments like those.

Many friends with experience have been recommending bio-oil and breastacle oil. The former is to help with the stretch marks that are a natural process in pregnancy. The later is to prep mommy for the beating she will get with breast-feeding. So many little details in this phase.

Hopefully once wife is back, we can schedule those pregnancy classes so we can start getting ready and also having an idea of what to expect during delivery.

Fun Times Indeed!


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  1. The classes are a must.. so important, schedule those and take notes. Or a recorder. Practice everything you learn leading up to the delivery day. One important thing I've heard alot of mommy's complain about is, baby was breached and dr didn't know until labor already in full affect so emergency c-section, make sure baby is head down in positron by 32 weeks or sooner. & read up on all the drugs/meds they may offer, is she going natural or having pain meds/ epidural, do your research.. I chose natural but had an awesome birthing coach, mom & sister help me thru it with all my babies.