Monday, February 24, 2014

25w4d: 100 MORE DAYS TO GO!

Pretty big milestone today as we have 100 more days to go.

We celebrated as we do every night. With our nightly Skype/Facetime session. This gives you an idea of how we keep connected thanks to technology. Here she gets an update on Siete's progress after his Emergency visit.

Many things can be said about the significance of the #100. Let's explore…


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  • in the year 100, the wheelbarrow made its first appearance in China.
  • it is the sum of the first ten odd numbers (1+3+5+7+9+11+13+17+19+21=100)
  • the minimum number of yards for a Par 3 hole in golf
  • a “Googol” is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros
  • the very first song on the Billboard Hot 100 was “Poor Little Fool” by Ricky Nelson on August 4, 1958
  • In Belgium, 100 is the ambulance and firefighter telephone number
  • Take this quiz to see what 100 calories looks like!
  • an estimated 75% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border
  • as of September 2010, Japan had approximately 44,449 centenarians (people living to the age of 100); the most in the world
  • 100 years ago, in 1911:
  • – the first International Women’s Day was observed
  • – the theft of the Mona Lisa was discovered in the Louvre
  • – Roald Amundsen’s expedition reached the South Pole
  • – Ronald Reagan was born on 06 February
  • – L. Ron Hubbard, American science fiction author and founder of Scientology, was born on 13 March
  • – Lucille Ball was born on  06 August
  • 1.1 billion people worldwide live on less than 100 cents ($1) a day

Wait, but there's more….

Wolves are capable of covering over 100 miles in a single day. 

100 is the sum of the first nine prime numbers, as well as the sum of two prime numbers (47 + 53), and the sum of the cubes of the first four integers (100 = 1^3 + 2^3 + 3^3 + 4^3). Also, 2^6 + 6^2 = 100 

On average, 100 people choke to death on ball-point pens every year. 

Every year, 100 men are diagnosed with breast cancer

In 2001 Death Valley saw a record of 153 consecutive days with daytime high temperatures above 100 degrees. Somehow, that same year the National Park had 1,064,784 visitors. 

An ant can lift 100 times its own weight. 

Because our notational system for numbers is decimal (base 10), the number 100 takes on a significance that it would probably not possess if we employed other systems of notation. It is a round number and holds hints of perfection. The Western calendar is divided into the decade (10 years), century (100 years), and millennium (1,000 years), with the century as the most important unit. 

A "jiffy" is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second. 

A shark can detect one part of blood in 100 million parts of water. 

A sneeze travels out your mouth at over 100 m.p.h. 

Everywhere around the world, hundred is an important number. Centum is the Latin word for hundred. Centuries in history and cricket, centum in marks, hundred cents to a dollar, centenary celebrations, centurion, commanding a hundred soldiers – all these and much more have the number hundred as the fundamental dimension. 

“A hundred times I have told you, May you live a hundred years, A hundred miles long,” – we use the number hundred in the above to mean “quite a lot”. 

Why has hundred attained this importance? 

Even before the uses of decimals were applied in mathematics, hundred seems to have become the cardinal number. 

When arithmetic was in its infant stage and counting was not that easy, hundred seemed a big number. It was found to be an easy to handle large number. 

The amazing facts about this number were found later on. 

To mention a few: 

Hundred is a square: 10² = 100 

It is a sum of squares and product of squares: 8²+6² = 100, 2² x 5² =100 

It is a sum of cubes: 1³ + 2³ + 3³ + 4³ = 100 

It is also known as the Leyland number: 2to the power 5 +6to the power two =100 (of the form ”Xpower y +Y power x”) 

It is the sum of first nine prime numbers. 

It is a gonal number, that is divisible by the number of primes below it (25 primes) 

It can be expressed as the sum of four pairs of prime numbers: 3+97= 100, 

17+83= 100, 41+59 =100, 47+53= 100. (facts from Wikipedia) 

Ok, you get the point. One hundred more days to go!


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