Sunday, February 23, 2014

25w3d: Siete to Emergency Room & Baby Video with Thumb Sucking & Heartbeat!

Another Manic Sunday!

Siete, our maltese was rushed to ER this morning after two days of being lethargic and not eating. The first tell tale sign that he was not well was his hibernation and anti-social mode. He is an extreme social butterfly and happy dog. He was hospitalized all day for observation, I.V. to hydrate him. After much probing, needles, and poking, he is safely home recovering. Turns out he had an impacted intestinal infection and caused havoc on his poor little body. He is on prescription food, antibiotics, pain meds, and lotsa strict TLC.

Wife too had a turbulent day throughout town again. So looking forward to having her get some much needed rest from the madness of the last couple weeks.

As promised. Here is a video of BabyG at 21 weeks, 1 day. A whole month ago. I wonder how much more he has grown already. Here you will see him sucking his thumb in the first couple seconds. You will also see his actual little heart in the middle of the screen beating away. Pretty awe-stricking and breath-taking to see.

Click Here To See Baby Gallegos Sucking Thumb


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