Saturday, February 22, 2014

25w2d: Baby Register'ing' Memory Loss

So one thing is clear: wife's memory not so much these days.

Some dear friends are organizing a baby shower for my wife. As a result they asked she please do a baby registry.

Enter hubby being dragged to Buy Buy Baby. I mentioned before how this baby business is huge business. So we register. Thinking it would be a quicky. Oh no, it was eternal.

(Pics forthcoming)

But that's not my point. Turns out that since she has been traveling the last several weeks back and forth between Dallas and San Diego for her Dad's chemo treatment, things have been quite hectic at home.

First I miss her. Yes, I said it. Second, we haven't really been able to sign up for the pregnancy classes for obvious reasons. But she frantically called the other day asking for the baby registry information since her friend needed to include the address in the baby shower invitations. Here's the conversation:

setting: Nightly FaceTime session
Pregnant Husband: hey huny buns, how's ur dad holding up.
Wife: he is the most stubborn patient ever.
PH: yeah, you can't blame him, he's been going through hell and back lately.
Wife: where's the baby registry?
PH: huh?
wife: I need to know where we are registered.
PH: umm, you were with me. You hijacked me for like 8 hours remember?
Wife: no seriously.
PH: (quite confused) umm, it's at
Wife: no the other one.
PH: what?
Wife: I forgot where we registered.
PH: it's at how hard can that be.
Wife: I have another one too for organic baby stuff.
PH: I'm not Walter Mercado, no idea whatcha talkin' bout.
Wife: please look in my computer, it should be there.
PH: ( looks for Mac book pro all over house) can't find it, where did you leave it?
Wife: I don't know.
PH: found it. What do you want, hurry cuz I'm missing out on house of cards!
Wife: it's website on screen once you open browser?
PH: ok,
Wife: great, what my password?
PH: ummm, you never told me you registered there.
Wife: you're not being helpful, how are my dogs?
PH: (still very confused)
Wife: ok, gotta run, Janel is calling me.
PH: drink lotsa water!
Wife: love u Muak!

Ok, this was my clear and present indication that my wife is seriously going through some serious brain farts. Luckily, they are typical symptoms of her pregnancy at this stage. Boy was it painful.

Glad today she was able to take a breather. Her parents woke her up telling her to get ready as they were taking her on a daytrip to get away from doctors, hospitals and medicine. They went to visit the mission of San Luis to give thanks for all the blessings thus far and prayer support from so many. After they took a stroll through the beach in Oceanside although short-lived as fil's energy fell short so they went home. But special moments nonetheless.


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