Thursday, February 20, 2014

25 Weeks! MILESTONE: Baby is Viable Now (Can Survive Outside of Womb)

Happy Baby Bump Day!

Today we are exactly 25 weeks into our pregnancy journey. As a result. Lotsa stats to share:

* 175 days of pregnancy so far.
* 105 days to go.
* 15 more weeks to delivery!

From the wife perspective:

* Gained five pounds.
* Gained an inch in the baby bump in a week to 43 inches now.
* Serious memory loss.
* Crazy Nightmares.
* Girls outta control. seriously.
* Her nail growth is on overdrive.
* Omnipresent glow about her at its height.
* Cankles loud and proud.

Baby G:

* bumping, turning, jumping more than ever
* Maternal Grandma's Bday gift was feeling baby move!
* unbelievable sense of equilibrium as baby now knows which way is up and down.
* Measures 13.5 inches and weighs 1.5 lbs.
* Starting to store/grow fat under his/her skin and hair too.
* Unsexy but said baby is size of a cauliflower (pretty weird reference).

Major Milestone: BABY IS NOW VIABLE!

This means that the baby now has a chance of surviving outside the womb should he be born at this stage. Quite a relief in knowing the baby has been growing in a strong and healthy manner.

Baby G sends shoutout Bday love to his maternal grandma Mari today!


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