Wednesday, February 19, 2014

24w6d: BabyG Now a Jumping Bean!

Turns out our little critter is now doing jumping jacks inside mommy.

Wife reports that this morning she was woken to stomping in her belly. She said she felt as if the baby was jumping up and down and from side to side.

He is definitely letting his presence known for sure now. Which worries me a bit because this type of feistiness can only be coming from a girl. As boys, we are much more gentle on momma. So Baby G may be a girl afterall.

She also corroborated all of the symptoms I posted yesterday. But for the most part, the newest one is her cankle dilemma. I assured her that if Kim Kardashian can rock hers during her pregnancy, so can she. (I wonder if they sell cankle bracelets, great excuse to maximize my Amazon Prime membership...adding it to my to do list for sure).

I felt bad for wife today as she was out and about securing meds for FIL (father in law from here on out) which apparently were mixed up. How can meds for cancer and all the other stuff be confused. Incredible. I kept her company on her multi-hour freeway commute as only SoCal can boast. For now, FIL resumed his cancer meds (shots this week) and is somewhat stable despite the setback and scare we had these last couple days. He appreciates and sends his appreciation for so much love and prayers that have been sent his way. They are working!

I had several great conversations today at work in relation to yet another fork in the road (how many forks can there really be at any given time in one's intersection of life, really). I guess we were given that exclusive patent. But more on that later. A lot of really heartfelt conversations where I felt very appreciated.

Have I ever shared how much I love what I do for a living? I am truly lucky and blessed to be doing what I love. But this blog is not about me. It's about Baby G! So let's carry on.

I think we are overdue for another Baby G video. So as soon as I have a breather to be home for at least a couple hours, I shall upload and share. Tomorrow is another Baby Bump milestone and I've gotta run to pack as I have an early morning flight at the crack of dawn.

Baby G a jumping bean...hip hip horaayyyyy. He's definitely telling us he is happy in there.


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