Monday, February 17, 2014

24w4d: Enter Cankles!

First things first, father in law was released today from USC's Keck Hospital. A team of neurosurgeons met with my wife to bring her up to speed of the latest developments.

We've had many setbacks since sharing that 60 percent of his cancer had been killed, gone, caput. In our joy, we were thrown with a left curve as he suffered a stroke in front of my wife last week.

That was followed by worse devastating news. In the MRI's evaluation, they uncovered a rare brain aneurysm located in the cerebral stem about midway center on the brain. That has been our journey in the last couple days. He was rushed to USC as they have the best neurosurgeons related to his condition. After many tests, they uncovered the exact location of that clot in his brain but unfortunately also uncovered another in his neck area. Two.

As if cancer weren't enough, my FIL decided he would not undergo surgery in his brain. So we are taking a leap of faith, respecting his wishes, and secured his release home.

Notwithstanding, the wife snuck in a pit stop en route home to her #1 pregnancy craving spot: Mariscos Jalisco. It's a Mexican seafood truck in east LA that she is totally addicted too. You know it's bad when the owner knows you on a first name basis and you live in Dallas! My USC buddy Chuy is working on growing their business so it's a double whammy delight for us.

Tomorrow Panky ( my father in law) resumes cancer treatment to not skip a beat after the double back to back set back of the last couple days.

I hope it's due to her pregnancy and not her running around, but wife officially has cankles for 3 days now. Her feet are swollen coupled with the more constant Baby G kicks. In fact, wife reported numerous kicks while in the hospital room at USC.

Cankles never sounded so sexy!


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