Sunday, February 16, 2014

24w3d: Yawning & Stretching!

What ever happened to lazy Sundays?
I think we are in desperate need of their return.

The baby is now yawning, shrugging shoulders, and even stretching often now. Maybe that is why wife is feeling his kicks now. Since baby is now feeling, sensing, and hearing everything, I am sure he is now accustomed to listening to his grandma's and grandpa's voice by now too.

Since my father in law was transferred to USC Hospital today, I sure hope wife told Baby G all about his Trojan legacy. I wouldn't be upset if she sang the Fight Song for him either.

As for hubby, after a long day's work, I retired to our movie theater upstairs for some serious binging of new new season of House of Cards on Netflix and also on the much talked about Orange is the new Black series. Pretty amazing shows. This programming is of the caliber of Breaking Bad.

Looking forward to getting Baby G his own baby Fedora hat. He will rock it!


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