Saturday, February 15, 2014

24w2d: Fight On USC & at USC

So my alma mater plays yet another important in our lives.

My father in law will be transported to another hospital tomorrow as the chapters of his journey continue to unravel.

He was in excellent spirits after having special guests visit all day while wife took care of other pressing business in this whole entangled web. Baby G is definitely along for this turbulent ride in more ways than one.

As I walked our dogs today in a rare occasion of great weather, I was reminiscing how it was four years to the day yesterday (on Valentine's Day) that Alicia and I purchased our Dallas home. It was unreal that we flew out here and within a couple hours of landing, I knew that the Emerson Lane home was gonna be our nest from the moment we stepped foot in the house.

The pups love it. Actually, it's all Cowboy knows. He was born in the house so I guess that's a special connection.

Well, back to work, it's one of those weekends that with all the air travel lately, it's catch up mode!


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