Thursday, February 13, 2014

24 Weeks Pregnant: Prayers Answered So Far!!!!

24 Weeks Along!

First things first. With my father in law's big scare this week, I'm grateful his stroke was that, a stroke and that my wife was there to help. We were afraid - as were the doctors - that his relapse and loss of all bodily functions and numbness was due to the cancer reaching his brain. Thank the heavens it was a stroke. Still bad nonetheless, but the not so good "C" word puts everything in perspective. At this stage, we'll take a stroke over nasty cancer going to other parts of his body.

He still cannot feel his left arm and left leg but is now readily on a strict physical therapy regimen that will hopefully get him up to speed in no time.

So why is my wife smiling on the photo she sent me today?

She met with his entire team of doctors to be told how God and only God can make such news possible. His cancer has been killed by 60%. Yeap, 60% gone. My father in law is a strong and healthy man. His will and attitude are helping in his recovery. The support network he has is incredible. Wife keeps reminding him of the prayer warriors that are fiercely guarding his road to recovery.

Let me temper the news that while we are not out of the woods by any means. We are celebrating these small victories one day at a time and this one is a BIG VICTORY! The doctors were in disbelief, literally, at how those cancer cells have been wiped out of his body.

I strongly believe in the power of positive thought and prayer. So THANK YOU, I know many of you have been lifting him up and this is a testament to that influence. Thank you!

Baby G I am sure is doing happy dances in his amniotic fluid. He has been there for a lot of this journey. So he has felt and heard it all.

It has certainly been a stressful week. I keep reminding wife to take breaks and rest, drink lotsa water and continue eating healthy. It's all a matter of balance.

Couldn't have received better news today about grandpa on his 24th week. Which coincidently, this is how he looks now according to BabyCenter:

Baby G has grown a lot, four ounces since last week actually. His lungs are busy developing branches of the respiratory system. He is also now developing cells that produce "surfactant" which is a chemical that will help his air sacs inflate once he comes into the world. It will help him breathe.

Just a total wonder overall.

So this bump day (24 weeks) was a good one overall with the wonderful news of Baby G's grandpa's progress. Let's keep it going....


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