Wednesday, February 12, 2014

23w6d: Mom's Birthday!

Happiest of birthdays to my beloved mom!

She is so giddy these days as she is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first grandkid. When mom visited during Christmas, both wife and mom went baby furniture shopping. Can't write or describe how special a moment that was for me.

I was even more excited when wife decided to not purchase anything at the time. If you haven't stepped foot in one of those baby stores. Stay away. Being new at this, it was quite exacerbating to take in.

Mom's early visit during the holidays was special as we had the chance to enjoy one on one time with her and talk about her raising her own kids. Mom had four kids. The oldest was a girl who passed away from pneumonia at just six months, and Ivan the second to the last kid who was killed in a car accident on his 15th Bday driving home from celebrating his birthday. That leaves me and my youngest sibling. Needless to say, mom has been a warrior when it comes to epitomizing the definition of a loving and caring mother. She raised us well and can now be proud of the fruits of her labor.

I oftentimes stop to think about the many sacrifices she along with dad made to give us a solid education and a carefree life where our only focus was to have a solid future ahead of us despite the financial obstacles and living environment which they shielded us from all reality. Exemplary parents. Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today. Without my mom's love, support, guidance, and tenacity;  I wouldn't be the husband I am today.

On a sad note, my father in law had a relapse last night. Thankfully my wife is out there with him and was able to be there when he had the stroke. It was quite a scare. He lost control of his body and starting getting numb. Wife immediately took him to the ER and is still recovering today. We awaited today's MRI results hoping it wasn't the cancer taking over his brain. The lesser of the two was that it indeed had been a stroke. For now, we'll take a stroke over the cancer in his brain. Keeping the faith.


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