Sunday, February 9, 2014

23w3d: Sleepless Nights & Dancing to that Music!


Wife reporting she can't sleep well at night.

Today she was up at 5am and wanted me to join her sleeplessness. The good things is that I slept right through her requests.

A funny conversation was around the fact that she can no longer "reach her toes." My quick reply ( I should have had a delayed response) was but you couldn't reach them when you weren't pregnant though…..shouldn't have said that. It garnered a silent shaking of her head.

At this stage, it is recommended that music be played and for mom to even dance to it. The baby has a  very well developed sense of movement now as well as hearing.

The dog noises and barks will not phase her when you is born as she is now accustomed to them inside the womb.

The baby's lung blood vessels are preparing her for breathing. So that development is well underway right now.

The wife may also go through water retention because of changes to her blood chemistry, so that means that her legs may have a  tendency to swell.

So much going on right now. And all at the same time. The clear thing we continue to have top of mind is the inlaw's health. Wife was a bit bummed today given the current state of mind of the situation.

Strength, faith, and optimism shall carry us through.


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