Saturday, February 8, 2014

23w2d: Baby Registry Day!

Well, I'm exhausted.

Turns out the rule is that all Mom's to be need to do a baby registry. Many have been asking her where she is registered. I recommended to just give out our bank account number. She said I was being rude. But isn't it really the same thing? Come on now. I do hear we will be spending a small fortune on diapers. After seeing the baby stroller she wants to buy, I just about had a coronary on the spot. This Orbit system (plain old stroller don't be fooled) is called such to justify it's almost $2K price tag. Seriously? Does it have a built in baby feeding system and navigation too? Baby business is undoubtedly big business. And at this rate I may need to take up a second job on weekends!

I enjoyed my wife's time this weekend. Tomorrow she goes back again to San Diego in order to spend time with her dad during his cancer treatment. He hasn't been feeling well.

And of course, in typically wife planning mode; she dragged me to do the registering thing today. Why exhausted you may ask?

It was FOUR hours on insanity.

Buy Buy Baby is a store that is out of control. They do everything baby except give birth to baby.

I seriously needed a drink after that experience so I drove us directly to one of my favorite bars that has a full selection of craft beer. Holy Grail. And it was refreshingly good to calm my anxiety after such insanity in the store. They had a delicious deep ellum coffee ale that had some complex notes hitting the spot.

After I recover tomorrow, I shall resume getting back to normal after today's trauma.


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