Friday, February 7, 2014

23w1d: Winter Olympics Commence with Baby Somersaults!

Wife reports Baby enjoyed opening ceremonies for Winter Olympics as he kept fluttering a lot.

Interestingly she finds it more and more uncomfortable to be in bed. I just remind her she must sleep on her side as sleeping on her back now presses against her vena cava and can potentially cut circulation and oxygen to the baby. Now that is scary!

Since I was in Chicago all week, my plan is to catch up on sleep all weekend and hibernate. For now, my goal is to find wife solution alternative to her now prohibited "smooth move" tea.

A pregnant husband's duty never ends!



  1. LOL!! She's still doing the "smooth move"?!? I couldn't do it anymore bc it made my tummy bubble all day so I found that drinking a cup of coffee with an empty tummy helps me and it's done right there and then...LOL!! However, since she's prego I don't think she can do that...hmmm.....Good Luck finding an alternative! Chup.

  2. Smooth move is her crack. Doc said though it's a no no during her pregnancy. So it's been a real challenge. I say the easy solution is to increase water intake. But she is hard of common sensing!

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