Monday, February 3, 2014

22w4d: Uneventfulness Is Good Despite Polar Vortex

So it dawned on me that I have been harassing the wife for blog content. The realization comes from the fact that for the most part, the last five months have been rather uneventful. And in the world of having babies, that is fantastic.

Wife's pregnancy has been very enjoyable and with minimal discomfort. Except for her occasional early rises with the natural discomfort of the growing belly, but outside of that, she, we, our enjoying this ride.

I have found myself placing my hand steadily on her belly just to tell the baby that dad is there too. Letting 'em get used to dad's energy too.

I have also found it tough going on these extended business trips like this week's "come here" at our corporate headquarters. Eighteen inches of snow expected tomorrow. So I may very well brace myself to be stuck her longer than expected. I am officially in the middle of the Polar Vortex!


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