Sunday, February 2, 2014

22w3d: SuperBowl Conversation In Child's Future

What a boring Superbowl.

As a Trojan alumni, duty was to root for Pete Carroll's Seahawks. The Bronco's defense was weaker than Baby G's bone structure making it a pretty boring game.

What was quite eventful was the heartfelt conversation we had with some special people in our life right about the time the Broncos scored for the first time.

So I guess it will go down in history as a historic conversation.

Since father in law has been going through his own journey fighting cancer, it has also made us reflect on so many life changing events. Obviously the biggest one pending for us is the birth of our child in just a few short months.

It gives us such serene piece of mind that we are surrounded with loving and caring people in many aspects of our life, but especially in areas where it matters. Today was one of those days.

Yes, the wife is still fully enjoying her Rocky Road ice cream. I think the increased fluttering inside her is reason enough for her to realize she is giving Baby G a sugar coma. But she seems to be in denial as her chocolate ice cream addiction is at an all time high.

Now if I could only get this week's trip to be canceled, I'd be indulging in orange sherbet too!


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