Saturday, February 1, 2014

22w2d: 11pm Rocky cream craving!

So it was quite a hectic Saturday.

Not a minute to spare from morning to dusk. From Dale's visit to Joseph's, it left absolutely no down time to unwind.

So what happens when I am exhausted?

The wife decides at 11pm that she MUST HAVE rocky road ice cream, and chocolates, and orange sherbert, and yeah, and Cherry Garcia as dessert.



Like the baby really knows or has a palate for all this. But I have been taught better and obliged. I advices nicely about the potential of gestational diabetes but she was having no rationale intake. At Kroger (the grocery store), I gently asked if she wanted pickles to go with her rainbow of ice cream flavors. And I was mad dogged. In other words, was awarded with the look of death.

So we carried on and well, all I could think of is her getting sick from having rocky road ice cream in 30 degree weather.

I must say, I like ice cream, but this is criminal.



  1. OMG!!! this is hilarious!! WOW!!! That's a lotsa ice cream, I hope Chup enjoyed it!

  2. Oooops!!! someone else was logged in, that's why is showing Armenica...