Friday, January 31, 2014

22w1d: Baby Increasing Fluttering Intervals


New news is that baby is making his subtle movements more and more pronounced and with increased frequency. Especially at night.

Wife was sharing with me that some of her teacher colleagues, especially BK (not to be confused with my employer's competitor) are loyal blog readers. How cool is that! I appreciate you trekking along in our journey. I'm still mesmerized at the power of this medium. How even with its impersonal demeanor, it has the ability to connect with so many.

For example, today we had a holiday event at the Cowboy's Golf Club (dallas winter polar ice vortex had us cancel during Xmas time) and so many staff were asking me about my father in law and demanding we find the sex of the baby. That is what I mean about making connections.

My boss even made an announcement about our 5 month pregnancy today, pretty cool. What was cooler was his quoting another colleague that it should be my wife's belly getting bigger and not mine. Funny, very funny!

But my key message today is thank you for reading. Whether I know you or not. I truly hope you find this content entertaining if at not at least a bit educational related to the journey of two folks in love who are living an extraordinary time in their lives: the gift of parenthood.


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