Wednesday, January 29, 2014

21w6d: Baby California Dreamin'

It has been an exhausting week.

Just got back from LA tonight and gotta keep cranking tomorrow morning in the office. Is there such a thing as a reload and charge energy drink?

Just baffled at how our body regenerates overnight and gets cranking for the next day.

Been having lots baby dreams lately. I think the anxiety of it all is flooding my subconscious. And did I mention wife no longer wants the crib I so intricately assembled in the baby room?

Apparently she's been influenced by a new vision for the room and it does NOT include the awesome assembled-by-dad-crib. That's just so wrong in so many ways. Maybe she will change her mind in the next four months and keep it.

At the airport today, I was taken by a kid in front of me who couldn't have been older than 4 years old, with backpack and matching roller Woody luggage. Can't wait to relive that moment with my own kid in tow at airports. Pretty special.



  1. Sell or exchange the crib.. get mom what she really wants, when us women have something in mind or a visual, you have to make it happen cuz then we get cranky! Mom wants better or prettier now.. I totally understand her!

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  3. You are definitely a wise woman, you nailed it. Thanks for advice!