Tuesday, January 21, 2014

20w5d: Wife Returns To Work & 100th Blog Post

Seems like only yesterday that I started telling you about our story and this extraordinary part of our life's journey. I would have never thought that 100 entries later, it would be read over 11,000 times. Now that is the power of this communication medium.

What's meaningful to us is the support and messages we have received along the way. Both from friends and family as well as total strangers who have related to our story or connected with it in one way or another.

I just returned from LA tonight after being there less than 24 hours. I had the chance to have dinner with my inlaws and it was special to connect with them during this difficult time. My mom picked me  up from the airport and we drove through the treacherous LA traffic. It took us two hours to get to their home. I really don't know how people do those commutes.

The wife also returned to work today after being gone for two weeks with her dad. Big day as it was the start of the second semester so a brand new set of faces to educate.

The humidifier is on with some of those Dterra oils to infuse the air. Feels like I'm in a spa. Kinda cool. The sacrifices one makes while pregnant.

Speaking of, had great convos today with three other people who are also pregnant and one who has a first time three month old. Love when they share their war stories of sleepless nights and such.

The update with Baby G is his continued manifestation of telling mom he is there by giving her a sensation of bubbles bubbling in her womb. Literally have NO idea what that means. But I guess I'm not supposed to know it all.

Well these "breathe" oil drops are making me drowsy. Just glad I made the whirlwind travel unscathed.


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