Friday, January 17, 2014

20w1d: Success Derives From Successive Setbacks. Are You Motivated or Inspired?

What a life it has been.

I was reflecting as I played a fast forward tape in my head of my life thus far and gotta say, it has been quite a roller coaster of successes, defeats, triumphs, and let downs. But all in all, I wouldn't change my experiences for the world as they have all shaped who I have become.

One day I will write my story in the hopes that it can serve as a learning experience for others whom can take a thing or two about my journey. May not be very exciting, but one has to be willing to put ourselves out there in an effort to connect. When a connect of "I can totally relate" happens, it has a magically healing power of inspiration and uplifting of the spirit. I have experienced that when I have connected to the journey of others.

One life lesson that I need to remind myself often is that we are not alone. While nobody has ever or will ever walk in my shoes, other have certainly walked in my path.

One powerful example is of a buddy who happened to be the inventor of Hot Cheetos. Mr. Montanez serves as an inspiration as he finds those simple truths in life and reminds us all of the importance of connection. I personally connect as his wisdom often reminds me of the importance of keeping a sense of awe about life.

I'd like to share some of his wisdom here with his permission. The topic here is about success and motivation.


Success is a product of successive setbacks. What separates successful people from those who don’t succeed? Is it Motivation or inspiration?

The word motivation comes from the Latin word "movere", which means to move. Motivation can be defined as an internal drive that activates behavior and gives it direction. To put it simply, the ability to move from one failure to another without losing energy and enthusiasm is known as motivation. Motivation comes out of external influence that encourages you either with ideas or with individuals. While inspiration, comes from within and with internal influence. Inspiration results in a feeling of excitement and well-being, and a desire to get into action instantly without any prompting while motivation needs prompting and encouragement by others.

Motivation also means to ‘stir to action’. On the other hand, inspiration comes from the word ‘inspire’ that means ‘to fill with noble or reverent emotion’. In a nutshell, motivation stirs you… inspiration fills you. And that is one of the major differences between the both. In considering the difference between motivation and inspiration it‘s easy to see why inspiration is more compelling, powerful and long lasting. Inspiration infuses others with life, energy and passion. Leaders who inspire have the ability to connect with the hearts and minds of others in pursuit of some common goal. We can easily recognize someone who is inspired by the way they “show up.”

Their inspiration in part comes from their freedom, and having learned from many challenges, setbacks and real experiences. They have come to a clear understanding of who they are and what they stand for and they are not afraid to declare it. In short they have a strong sense of purpose. They know how they intend to live their life and the impact they want to have and how that is fulfilled through their role as a leader… We can all choose to be inspirational leaders. The strength of inspiration is that it leads to the next project or goal and encourages real engagement in life and work. Above all inspiration once ignited fuels itself and doesn’t rely on external sources to keep the fires burning.

Look…When you get a glimpse of the brilliance of your life, you unleash energy and passion to make your time count and begin the path to a deeply meaningful life and your past is simply there to support your future!

Baby G is currently in the middle of an age dispute with fellow doctor friends. Turns out there is a specific math in calculating his current age. While he is right now 20 weeks 1 day old in the womb; the wife is technically not 5 months pregnant. She is really 4.5 months pregnant. I guess it makes sense since the age has to be seasonally adjusted given that each whole month does not have absolute days. Oh brother, feels like I'm back in calculus or statistics class in college.

Ultimately what matters, is that Baby G is mathematically and very calculatedly multiplying his little bundle of joy in a very numerical perfect way!


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