Sunday, January 12, 2014

19w3d: Pozole Breakfast in Hesperia

Emotional day for the wife today. She gathered at her aunt's house in Hesperia today along with many cousins, aunts, and uncles for a family meal which turned into a beautiful family group prayer for the health and healing of my father in law.

What started as a simple pozole invitation from her aunt Lety for the wife and parents turned into an impromptu get together to support Panky's fight against his recent cancer diagnosis.

The unsettling and nervousness of his pending treatment and stage 3 diagnosis of Large B cell grey zone Lymphoma cancer was tempered by the anticipation of our pregnancy. Since she comes from an enormously large family, she had plenty of advise. Mostly from Christy, her cousin who has shared many tips and tricks. She validated that her recent bubbles sensation was in fact the amniotic fluid being swished around by the baby.

Her cousin Susana managed to freak her out a bit with the frequency of breast feeding of little Jacob during this conversation. She validated that she better start getting used to the kid being attached to her breasts at all hours.

This reminds me of a meme of a baby similar to the beer advertising of the most interesting man in the world. However, this one reads above the photo of a baby:

I don't usually drink milk, but when I do, I drink Dos Tetas. 

There was a lot of ooing and aweing as this was the debut of her baby bump to her family. So that was very special to her. There are two newborns in her immediate family, so Crystal and Susana were Alicia's reality check for what awaits her. 

Apparently they are all Team Girl. They are unsettled by the fact we have decided to not find out the gender. That's kinda funny! Interestingly, most of her family can't believe she has not had the usual pregnancy ailments of morning sickness (ahem, that's cuz she passed em on to her hubby instead). All she has is shortness of breath ( I won't tell her but it's not the baby, it's the lack of gym usage) and lotsa sinus activity. 

I still can't believe that while we are living this blessing we are also on this rocky road to seeing that my father in law beats this battle with cancer. My heart clenched as I saw the love yet sadness from the family as they all prayed for his healing in the video clip my wife shared. They anointed him with special oils and holy water as they all held their hands in the air in his direction. The power of prayer is a powerful one. I strongly believe in its healing energy. You can cut the air with the feeling of hope and genuine concern. 

Today was a good day. They came together in communion of the circle of life. A celebration of family and one of support. The best thing one can do in both of these situations, is feel the love from family. And tonight, as my wife shared her experience through our ritualistic night's FaceTime debriefing, I could see and feel the love she felt from her family. Both for our journey and the one we are walking in hope to heal her Father. 

These are the times one most leans on family. I'm glad my wife has been blessed with that gift. I join in lifting my hand in sending God's light to what will be a tough next five days for my father in law. 

I'm thankful for your support in following my crazy adventures on these chapters of our pregnancy. This weekend we reached 10,000 readers. As our self-anointed prayer warriors, please help us in lifting Panky up in prayer.



  1. I brought me great joy to see my beautiful cousin and that amazing blessing growing inside, her bump is gorgeous, I almost cried when she debuted the belly.. also felt very nice to see my beloved Uncle/Nino before he started his treatments. We were all in tears as we hold on to our faith and trust in our Lord that Pankys condition will have a positive outcome! It's amazing what God is already doing.. My Nino is positive, focused and reassured us everything is going to be alright. God willingly.. prayer is power!... btw your wife is one hot mami, she looks so gorgeous, lucky man! We missed you, sending my love via blog! Xoxo

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  3. Right back atcha! Much appreciate the prayer group y'all have started. It's all about faith baby, faith!!!