Saturday, January 11, 2014

19w2d: Baby Getting His Fat On!

The Bounty website has some cool things to say about this 19th week:
19 weeks pregnant pictures

Your baby

Your baby will be bigger and heavier than the placenta by now. Fat will be starting to develop but your little one will still be quite skinny.
On an ultrasound, you will see that the ears are now in their final position, and the eyes (which will still be closed) too.
Although the colour of your baby’s skin won’t develop fully until well into childhood, the pigment which is produced by melanocytes, will now be developing in his skin.


19 weeks pregnant symptoms mean you could have some mild breathlessness – it’s not a cause for worry, but check with your doctor if you are severely out of breath.
You may have already begun to feel movement in your tummy, but remember some first-time mums might not feel this until the 20th week or later.
Your body is still changing, and the top of your uterus will now be in line with your belly button.
If you are experiencing blurry vision, don’t panic, some pregnant women experience this due to water retention. It usually sorts itself out after the birth and can be helped with exercise but always tell your midwife or doctor if you’re worried.

What to think about

As a 19 week pregnant mum to be, make sure you plan your maternity leavewhich will give you time to make practical and emotional preparations for your baby’s birth.
Make the most of free dental care during your pregnancy. You may find that your gums are bleeding after brushing as pregnancy hormones cause some tissues in your body to become softer. Always let your dentist know that you are pregnant.
It’s time to start thinking about how you would like to feed your baby. Speak to your partner, friends and family and talk it through.


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