Tuesday, January 7, 2014

18w5d: Prayers Please. Father In Law In the Fight of His Life Against Cancer

Over the last several weeks we have been treading a parallel path of hope and disbelief. We have been blessed with the gift of pregnancy while having recently found out that my father in law has been diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma cancer. It is a cancer of the blood and quite aggressive.

This morning, I dropped off my wife at the airport as she embarked on an all too close for comfort experience that I have lived already in year's past. She took some time off work to fly to San Diego to spend some quality time with her parents.

We are half way through our pregnancy at 4.5 months. We are cheering her dad on as he has a grandkid to meet in just four short months. That has been our drive and motivation for both him and us.

Next week he is scheduled to undergo five consecutive days of chemotherapy rounds. His lymphoma cancer is a rare one categorized as grey zone lymphoma. While he has already undergone a round of chemo, they have found it in his liver and lungs.

God has given us the gift of hope. That is what we hang on to. A man too full of life and with too many things pending to go just yet. His love for his family is and will continue to be his strength.

For now, we are his prayer warriors against this fight. We ask you join us in prayer as well.

Panky as we all affectionately call him is a fighter. As one, he continues to teach us all the power of the human spirit, its endurance, and most importantly, that love can never be taken away. Ever.

I can't help but think of what he whispered to me at the altar when he gave me his daughter in marriage, "me la cuidas cabron!" A term of endearment to take care of his daughter...

Over the last seven years, he has given me his love, wisdom, and life lessons he has picked up along the way. I love him dearly and am asking God he allow us to have him a little while longer. At least until he meets our child. Just like my own dad promised me he would hang on until he danced with my wife at our wedding; I will ask my wife to ask him to hang on until he meets that little girl he saw in his dreams a couple weeks back.


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