Wednesday, December 18, 2013

15w6d: Chemo Time Blues & 1st Baby Dream

The first round of chemo went uneventful. Still in good spirits and hoping for the best. A three hour session to pump them chemicals to kill off those cancer cells is no easy feat. Especially when you know that you are in the fight for your life.

We continue to keep positive and send nothing but great vibes for a speedy recovery.

The baby needs to do a meet and greet and be a part of this baby's life. That is the driving engine behind the motivation we are instilling. Kill Kill Kill. Die Cancer Die......

Baby G is growing nicely. Can't wait to take a peak at him (or her) again this Friday. At this point his full skeleton frame is formed. His ribs are still soft like cartilage, but if an X-ray were to be taken, you'd be able to see his entire skeletal structure.

As I have reported throughout this entire blog, the stats on the baby's development are mostly thanks to the FamilyEducation source. They are outstanding at helping us understand the day to day growth of our little peanut.

His upper limbs are very well differentiated now into forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers. It's kinda wierd that these develop at a faster rate than the lower limbs (even so after birth). The skin is still almost transparent so you can see his internal organisms, bones and cartilage.

The FIRST is that I had a vivid dream that we had a girl. I was in the nursery struggling to change her diapers. At one point I freaked out and started yelling for the wife to come to my rescue. I clearly had no clue what I was doing and the poop had smeared all over the baby's head and face (a dream people a dream, I'm not that negligent at least I hope not to be).

As the wife came over shaking her head and taking over; I was overcome with the realization that the colostrum was doing its job and that indeed this was the baby's first poop. At that realization, I starting taking pics of the first diaper deposit. Afterall, it was the first-ever poop. Why wouldn't it merit a photo session. Yeah, that was my dream.

I guess that dream was triggered from what stuck to my head in the recurring dream my father in law has shared. In it, he sees a little blue-eyed, blonde girl that was the spitting image of his own mom and similarly his own grand daughter from his oldest son. This dream has taken us back as it was very vivid for him. Every time he talks to us, he tells us of his dream.

I asked him if he was sure it wasn't a boy. He adamantly replies every time with a girl.

Well, I'm off to brush up on speedy diaper changing techniques while mastering shooting random pics during the process; while the wife continuously wipes the sweat from her LASHES in disappointment...