Saturday, November 23, 2013

12w2d: Samantha At Papyrus Designs Pregnancy Announcement. Baby Reflex Mode!

So a big shout out is in order to Samantha at Papyrus!

We picked up our special announcement cards today. You see, we have been in a dilemma. We are preparing to announce to family and friends that we are having a baby on the best medium ever, facebook of course.

But we realized. Not all of our family is on facebook. So we had to expand our communication strategy to include snail mail for those not on social media.

So this is where Samantha came through to save the day. She is a very talented graphic artist and designer. She put her $80K tuition investment to great use and to our benefit (she graduated with an art degree from a very prestigious art school). And just like that, she was recruited to be a part of our journey.

Her skill and vision really came to life and we love it. So stay tuned for the grand unveiling this coming week.

Wife apologized to Samantha for my out of control ways as it reminded her of my Groomzilla days during our wedding preparation period. She was seriously SMHing (shaking her head) the entire time we were sitting down with our awesome graphic designer and artist. I guess those groomzilla flashbacks still burn in her memory. But what was burning was her back. She was exhausted and we were only halfway done with the design of Samantha's masterpiece. She had to go and relax in a couch nearby while she kept SMHing all the way their.

The baby has really been taking the energy out of the pregnant wife. She is usually fatigued pretty early in the day and taking power naps really helps a lot.

Today, I posted on facebook a visual of our edgy Saturday date night. Yes, brace yourself, this is how we roll on weekend party nights:

These three critters (the pups) have been a key part of our journey and they just cannot wait to have the baby to follow around and lick. Diva, Siete, and Cowboy have been our furbabies and have given us so much love.

Here we can admire the wife taking one of her naps thanks to the draining energy of Baby G. All while the pups keep close vigilance to keep any intruder away from disturbing her slumber.

Baby G continues his growth. We can't wait for our doc appointment Monday. We will be having an ultrasound to take a peak inside and see what he is up to.

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for me as the pregnant husband. This morning the wife proclaimed that she is in the mood to cook (enter heavenly music and voice of God rejoicing). To my dismay, one of the symptoms early on was her proclamation that she had lost all interest in cooking. I was devastated.

Just like clockwork, the second trimester signals a return of energy and great moods for the momma to be. So it happened! So she made some phenomenal Charro Beans today. And boy were they the bomb.

They were actually better than my mandatory weekend Menudo fix. Yes, preggers hubbies also get cravings. And mine have been on overload. The weight mom to be should be gaining is all being compensated with me. Not good. But food is so good.

Ironically, wife this morning woke me up to "Why is it that God made us having to eat so many times a day" type of conversation. Oh boy. It reminds me of a co-worker who once told us she didn't like food or eating but had to in order to be alive. Wow.

Ok, back to Baby G. He should be about the size of a plum or lime (2 to 4 inches) and weigh about .50 to one full ounce.

This week it's all about his reflexes. He is now moving everything and working out. This is important for the continued development of his muscles and ligaments. His kidneys are now excreting urine into his bladder....whoaaaaa!!!!!

The wife doesn't know yet, but serious cases of heartburn are around the corner for her. I am looking to put Project Kale into full force as she needs that vitamin in her body. Shhhhhhh don't tell her. I may sneak it into my soon to be revived Vitamix concoctions.

Thanks to WebMD for validating that I am not at all that crazy. As the name of this blog dictates, there is an actual term that I am experiencing as a pregnant husband. It's called "couvade" or "hatching." I will do more homework on this and report back. But for now, it validates that hubbies can definitely experience the same symptoms (if not worse) that the expecting wife. That is me people! I am so not making this up. It also says that the husband may also experience weight gain. I have been vindicated!

The typical weight gain the mommy to be should now be between 1.5 to 5 pounds. But I know she has NOT gained any, she has actually lost pounds given her current dislike for food.

This couvade hubby signing out for now. As all the nesting activity (mandatory cleaning) has daddy to be's aching back yearning for some happy juice.