Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10w5d: Green Chile and Breaking Bad in Albuquerque!

205 more days to go!

The baby's neck continues to extend and his eyes and ears are almost in their permanent position.

His hands are coming to his mouth causing his first sensory feedback experiences.

Wife had a couple tear episodes with the devastation going on with the death toll in the Philippines as a result of the tragic typhoon.

Home is experiencing its first freeze of the season so it's definitely feeling like winter now. I was thinking of the wife's physical signs of our pregnancy. While she is not yet showing, her restless nights continue. As well as the other symptoms of restlessness and overall yucky feeling throughout the day, but mostly in the evenings. Is there such a thing as Night Sickness instead of the typical morning sickness? Cuz we have it.

The whole nesting thing is also kicking into high gear so my trip to Albuquerque gave me a saved by the bell card....for now!

Landed in Albuquerque this morning. This is a very cool place with such a neat vibe. This is the place where we fulfilled one of our bucket list items: to fly in a hot air balloon. This city is home to one of the country's most famous balloon events in the air called the Balloon Fiesta. Quite an unforgettable experience.

However, this has become a special city to us. Not only because of this experience, nor because of my favorite hash green chile, but because it is the location of our favorite drama show of all time: Breaking Bad!

I could go on talking about how incredible this show is. From its writing to acting to thrilling screenplay. A must watch.

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