Saturday, October 19, 2013

Team Baby B


Spent most of last night doing lotsa research on this whole vanishing twin syndrome and understanding and reading clinical studies on gestational sac sizes, crown to rump measurements, and also different growth patterns with twins.

Baby B has us worried. We want to make sure we are setting her up to succeed if indeed we can still help her. Her low 103 heart beat plus being half the size of Baby A and less than half the size of its gestational sac may be the end of the road - but we are not giving up.

I hope I hold is that based on my research findings, it could well be that Baby B implanted a week later than Baby A. This would explain its current 7 day lag in identified gestational age.

So really hoping Doc is wrong by having compared both babies. Afterall we are all different. This may be Baby B's way of manifesting her individuality this early on of her life!

Not good news for the wife but also realized in my research that as an expecting twin mother; she must be drinking 80 to 100 ounces of water a day. She is not much of a water drinker so this will be an extra sacrifice. Her body needs much of that water given all the changes going on right now.

The growth is mind boggling. Just last week our babies hearts began to form and their blood circulation started pumping. The lungs, fingers, lips, toes, and face started to take form and shape.

This weekend the babies started producing urine. And the eyes are starting to take shape too.

The miracle of life is happening before our eyes.

We were reminded of this blessing today as we attended a baby shower of one of the wife's friends. She glowed and was just radiant. I took many glimpses of my wife and saw her beauty and just outright grace in which I fell in love in the beginning. Several in that group are also pregnant, so I'm thankful for being surrounded with so much positive energy and HcG hormones!!!!!

A new routine tonight, thanks to Dr. Oz, is for wife to sleep on her left side. Doing this helps blood flow and circulation to the babies. Apparently sleeping on your back or belly is a no no. So it can't hurt to oblige. Now, if I can only get the wife to stop taking away my blankets at night and adjusting the thermostat continuously, I Mau claim a small victory in this journey.

In the meantime, we continue to root for Baby B. Come on B, you can do it!