Thursday, October 17, 2013

7w0d: So We Are Pregnant...with TWINS!

...And so the journey begins. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine I would be chronicling the details of this miraculous journey.

We are pregnant and we want to tell yell it to the world through the seven seas. But we must remain patient.

Today marks our official completion of seven weeks of pregnancy and the start of the eighth week. The pregnancy world I have come to find out is a secret society with its own language. So today is officially 7w0d - which is code for what I just explained.

I must be clear. The "we" in pregnant is my wife. I am the husband. I enjoy writing and have taken it upon myself to tell our story. My wife is not much of a writer anyway so this would never ever get done if I didn't start it. Don't get me wrong. She is one sharp, smart cookie. But let's say that her patience for reading and writing is not one of her strengths. She is self-diagnosed as having SPD or sensoring processing disorder. Which is when you have sonic hearing, vision, smell, everything over the top. So it excuses the disinterest for reading a book or writing. Much too boring a chore for an SPD'er apparently.

"I feel like I ate a cow" are phrases I now have to get used to. Accused of contributing to her "labored breathing" and "out of breath" because at bedtime she demanded I make her fresh-squeezed orange juice. As a dutiful hubby, I obliged and now I am getting the filed complaints that I caused it. She demanded OJ, I provided, now it's my fault for making her feel "like a cow." It will certainly be a long journey indeed.

So don't feel cheated. When you are in a relationship or married to the one you love. You tend to have ESP. Yes, another acronym. But we at times think alike, and even finish each other's sentences. So it's no surprise that I have so far felt some of the same pregnancy symptoms as her. Shortness of breath, fatigue, sleep deprivation. Yes, all of those tell tale signs. So my telling of our story could simply be my wife doing the same. I am sure it will be somewhat skewed with my daddy-to-be perspective. But educational and most importantly to me, therapeutic.

So join us on this ride. The chapter is being written in this beautiful book that details the story of two loved ones who are preparing to share of their love with their offspring and take on the responsibility of raising another human being, wait, two of them.

And, as with everything we have done in life. Always doing this in a big way and in style. So why should this journey be any different. Which is probably why God decided to bless us with not one, but two bundles of joy. Yes, we will be having twins God-willing come May of 2014.

Having completed our 7th week of pregnancy, the road is still a long one. We have five more weeks to be out of the danger zone of a high risk miscarriage. Doctor tells us week twelve is the magic week to overcome and have better changes for a live birth.

Till then, we are taking it day by day and making the best of it.

Our pregnancy is considered high risk since we are over 40. So we are taking the necessary precautions to not overdo things and do our part in helping the pregnancy through rest, relaxation, and most importantly lotsa TLC.

I had a scare yesterday as it was the second day of light brown spotting. A first. Apparently it is common. But we are not taking any chances. We have a great doctor who will be seeing the wife tomorrow to see what is causing it. As long as it's not red and she is not feeling cramps, we may be in the clear. But again, can't take any chances.

These last couple days she has noticed five things that are very unlike her usual behavior. First, is her unusual immediate fullness when she eats. She now eats like a bird and get full immediately. Maybe the growing babies are pressing against her stomach. Automatic and gratuitous  lapband anyone? The second is a metal taste in the mouth that has her brushing her teeth at all hours. Third, are crazy vivid dreams which are unlike her. Fourth, very very very thirsty all the time. And finally fifth, tons of potty breaks. Many times up to 10 times a day.

This, I correct myself, these two little miracles came to us unexpectedly. And we will do our part in ensuring they are nurtured, loved, and taken care of through our last breath of life.

We are so thankful and blessed. Best things truly come to those who wait, have faith, and let all worries go and allow ones wishes to fly into the grandeur of the universe. So we can honestly say that having come this far, it all seems just so surreal to us. I have always held that if you truly want something bad enough, think it, wish it, and have the universe conspire to make it a reality.

And as my wife often reminds me - if it is to be, it will be.

Looks like as we prepare to go into our 7th year of marriage, it will definitely be. It is our time.