Tuesday, December 24, 2013

16w5d: The Night Before Christmas and All Through the Kitchen...

Christmas Eve is always a busy one in our family. It is mostly spent either running around getting last minute groceries and mostly in the kitchen cooking.

I remember fondly today growing up. The anticipation of opening the gifts Santa would bring is what it was all about. After dinner, we would go to midnight mass. Pure torture as a kid. Luckily, we would always be able to open our presents after mass. So the entire Christmas Day was spent testing out our new shiny objects.

The shiny one in the womb is doing great. The amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby keeps increasing. Right now, there are about 7.5 ounces of fluid keeping him alive and growing.

The uterus can easily be felt by touch three inches below the belly button.

The baby's fingernails are well formed now. But he continues getting quite comfortable with his space given the increased movement.

As for mom to be, she needs to start sleeping mostly on her left side. It is now a no no to sleep on her back as it cuts key circulation of oxygen to the baby. Sleeping on the left side increases the most amount of needed oxygen to the baby. It also will help her to strategically use body pillows.

Enter the first full night last night of using her Snoogle. That is essentially a very large and twisty type of body pillow that helps here sleep better at night.

Word on the street is that she didn't fully take advantage of it as apparently the pregnant husband woke up with it on his side. Go figure. I don't believe it. I demand proof!

On her body needs, calcium is a must have vitamin. Demanding about 1,000 mg per day of calcium. Without it, the baby will take it from mom. Which is why her teeth are at risk. The wife dislikes milk very much and hopefully will start taking a cup or two throughout the day. While she can get calcium from other sources, organic milk is a healthy was to take it.

All in all, headaches have left her alone for now (hopefully it's that new air purifier in the room) and feels great despite having lost her breath during tonight's Christmas Eve dinner.

Merry Christmas Eve Y'all!


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  1. I am redeemed!!! HEPA Filter, lavender and body pillow!!! Woot Woot!! Go Alicia!! No headaches from Mommy equals a happy woman which in turn equals a happy husband and Daddy. Just saying!