Wednesday, December 25, 2013

16w6d: Dog Walks & Stork Says GoodBye to Santa

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The day was quiet and the Snoogle seems to be doing its job.

Santa brought the dog's parents the mood to take them out for a long brisk walk in this chilly day. Chihuas, my golden retriever joined the entourage since he is visiting from LA. Even though the day started with his first accident in the house thanks to me feeding him generous portions of left over ham. NOT a good idea. My arm is still sore from his constant pulls. Even though he had serious training throughout his life, I quite never mastered the skill of him following me beside me. Typically alpha dog always pulled. I guess my lack of patience to reinforce proper behavior made him a forever puller.

Well, as Santa goes home to rest with his reindeer for another year, he bids adieu to his friend the stork who was flying beside him for a while. The stork is busy too and continues on her journey to Adobe Gallegos for her five month trek still in progress.


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