Monday, December 23, 2013

16w3d: 12/22/13 - Inlaws 51 Spring Seasons, Stuffy Nose and Air Purifiers Pursuit

First full day with my mama here. So nice to catch up and start where we left off.

It's also my in laws 51st wedding anniversary. Now THAT is something worth celebrating.

The day was spent trying to alleviate some of the culprits of the stuffy nose pregnancy factor. In short, Isela drove the madness of today as we secured a good air purifier for the bedroom in order to help her with the continuous case of stuffy nose. The doc said that it was normal in the second trimester (as well as to expect a lot of headaches). And that she's had. (so for the record, I can't be blamed for causing them)

She was in bed most of the day due to the horrid headaches. She is drinking plenty of water so that can't be to blame. Hopefully they will subside soon. She got breakfast in bed today from Chef G (me!)....then again, maybe it's my servings that are causing it (can't be called cooking though since I am not at that level). Hmmmm.

A good dose of Sonos today to get her spirits up. Ahhh, and let's not forget those craveable Ramirez Tamales. Yumilicious!



  1. How's the HEPA filter working so far? You did make sure it eliminates all three major allergens right? Did you also try the lavender compress? And last but not least...did you get the body pillow? Chop chop! Comfort is of the utmost necessity at this time!! Once all three are in play you will see a new Alicia!! Mark my words!! Love you both!

  2. hola mijo como va todo?

  3. Buenas noches es un placer para mi estar aqui con mijo Max y Alicia y salir a la tienda de Babys y verlos la felicidad en sus ojos y ayudarlos a escojer algunas cositas del baby mi nietecito me siento la abuelita mas feliz sobre la tierra y con ancias de tenerlo aca con nosotros con la voluntad de Dios y ver Alicia ya con su estomago abultadito donde cada dia esta creciendo el bebecito tan esperado le doy Gracias a Dios y a la virgen de Guadalupe por esta felicidad que reyna en mi corazon y enn mis hijos !!!!!!

  4. Isela, I don't know whether to thank you or curse you. But we did ensure it had your specs with all those allergen detections. The body pillow or Snoogle project was today. And I think she o.d.'d on lavender but seems to have helped with the headaches. Appreciate the advice!!!

  5. Gracias Madre, no sabes que gusto nos da tenerte aqui. Aunque no somos tan borloteros, me da una satisfaccion inmensa que nos veas en otra etapa de nuestras vidas y que estes aqui con nosotros. Sentimientos encontrados por tanta cosa que estamos viviendo y con tanto que la vida nos esta mandando al mismo tiempo. Pero como dicen, Diosito nunca nos manda mas de lo que no podamos vivir. Te queremos mucho!

  6. Have you tried the netti pot? Its awesome for clearing out sinuses as well as hydrating.