Saturday, December 21, 2013

16w2d: Sinus Pressure & Somersaults

166 days to go.

The baby is the most mobile at this stage.

He definitely showed us yesterday as we were looking and him do somersaults in the uterus surely showing off because he knew we were watching.

These are his acrobatic moves mastered so far:

  1. Curls and stretches his trunk
  2. Moves his head up and down 
  3. Moves his head from side to side
  4. Can move his arms and legs independently
  5. Chest wall breathing movements
  6. Including occasional hiccups (as we witnessed in his last ultrasound)

The wife's sense of smell continues to be canine-like and her sinus pressure seems to have intensified. This is a first as she never has sinus issues like her hubby.

She got the docs permission on some type of polish to use that is safe during her pregnancy and she pampered herself to her first mani pedi since the start.

The first round of guests arrived for the holidays tonight. Mom is here after her long road trip. I'm excited about my imported tamales from THE best spot in LA. Hoping I don't have to share!

A funky fog moved in tonight with chilly weather. Since it rained overnight, and most of the day, it was definite Menudo weather. My weekend indulgence for breakfast. Topped off the evening with my wife's unbelievably delicious pozole.

Hominy dreamin' y'all!



  1. Yay!! I am all caught up....que conste q a mi tampoco me gusta leer and I read soo slow but I gotta say I loved reading this while I was doing an assignment at Rolls Royce Dealership....I was cracking up so much....U r something else Maxin!! XOXO

  2. Como que something else! And what do you mean that you caught up? It's a blog on our journey, not a book or a novel. Well, maybe at times! But gotta tell you how happy we both are that you are onboard following our crazy rollercoaster ride!!! Now feel free to gift your nephew a Rolls Royce too. We won't mind at all!

  3. He hehehe. ...catching up is exactly what I'm doing t oo!