Friday, December 20, 2013

16w1d: Baby Twisting And Turning With Meet & Greet

Favorite day of the month as we had our doc appointment today. As a part of the usual routine checks to ensure mom to be is progressing well, the ultrasound is my favorite piece! It was not an easy session as the baby was noodling all over the place. A lot of movement. I'm convinced it's all the sugar rush she is giving him from all that excessive fruit intake. That or the Cheetos that has him so hyper. When we first saw him he was face down looking towards mom's back. Eventually they got him to turn around for a profile mug shot and face mom's tummy. It was so unbelievable to see him doing cirque de soleil moves up and down his enclosed placenta.

Of note today was seeing how pronounced his skeleton structure is. You can clearly see his spine discs and all the detail of the rest of his bones.

They double confirmed if we wanted to know the sex of the baby as it was clearly visible at this point. We are staying strong and holding that as a surprise during delivery.

Baby is doing great. Growth is actually two days ahead of schedule and weighing 5 ounces. Heartbeat  came in at 158 beats per minute.

I would love for the wife to gain more pounds though. Her past check ups she has lost a pound every time. Today she actually gained a pound which is great!

She continues to glow and look stunning beautiful as ever.

The doc gave her a bill of outstanding health till next month's visit. He really likes how the baby is looking, growing, and maturing.

The big conversation of the day was body pillows (a Snoogle) and hepa air purifiers as a needed toolkit for the wife's comfort. Both came back in my twitter survey as needed and mandatory. Others were a bit more honest saying to get her anything she asks for. Oh boy.

I'm pretty excited that mom is en route to spend the holidays with us during this very special time in our lives. She gets here tomorrow, so it will be a treat to share in this journey live and in person.


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