Thursday, December 19, 2013

16 Weeks Pregnant! Reaching Avocado Heights at 4 Months

The baby is now the size of an avocado. Or 4.5 inches long (head to rump) and weighs about 3.5 ounces.

24 more weeks to go!

For those of you new to this preggers thing. It's common practice to compare the growth of the baby by sizes of fruits and vegetables. I know, weird. But you get used to it.

But today's milestone is that we've baked this bun in the oven 4 months now. WOW!

So the above is an illustration courtesy of The Bump. Let's take a closer look at a real world look inside the womb:

As you can see, the baby is fully formed with bones hardening and all. Definite miracle of life happening before our very eyes indeed.

While the wife doesn't really have a bump just yet, she is about to experience a massive growth spurt that in the next couple days, her spawn will show its head - so to speak.

The baby will double his weight over the next few weeks and add inches to his length. His head is now more erect as his muscles are gaining strength and he is learning to exercise them and hold them up for longer periods of time. His eyes and ears are now almost in their final position in his (or her) face/head.

The Wife
Her biggest accomplishment this coming week will be to officially continue with her glowing skin radiating an air about her (which has been brought to her attention already numerous times) and will feel the baby move.

Scratch that.

She ALREADY DID! She officially felt the baby move last night as she was laying in bed touching the place where the baby rests right below her belly button. As she was caressing, BOOM. She felt an immediate flutter. And ladies and gentlemen. This was one of those moments that get imprinted in your heart forever. The life we have been nurturing is now showing signs of being well alive. Another testament to the fact that the baby is now sensing and feeling touch. Quite powerful.

Without question, this experience is one of the most wonderful experiences of her pregnancy. Ok, our pregnancy. This movement is called "quickening" for some reason. When this is the first birth, most moms don't typically feel the movement of the baby until the 20th week. So I guess ours is a whole month ahead of schedule. I sure do hope this is not a sign of his or her mischievousness that is to come.

The top of her uterus is about halfway between her pubic bone and her navel, and the round ligaments that support it are thickening and gaining strength and stretching (I imagine them as bungee cords).

Her mood is tempered by an overall sense of well-being because pregnancy symptoms are giving her a break at this time. Except the recurring headaches. Au Pair Isela says the headaches are as a result of her lack of water intake. Despite already drinking a lot of water, she needs to drink yet more water.

Another oil recommended is to smell and dab lavender. She did get a set of Doterra oils from her parents and I think I saw one of those smells. So I may have her take a couple sniffs. Or do you drink it? So much to catch up on. In the meantime, I will have her take a couple whiffs.

We have a scheduled ObGyn appointment (the birthing doctor) tomorrow which is one of my favorite doctor visits as we get to see the baby. Tomorrow, they will be checking:

  1. gestational age of the baby
  2. growth 
  3. amniotic fluid level (baby is currently swimming or submersed in this liquid)
  4. structure of the baby's brain, heart, and other organs

Wifer is also reminded to keep an exercise regimen as it's important to remain fit in preparation for the actual birth. It's recommended she take long walks. 

Baby's New Development:
  1. Tiny bones continue to form in his ear, which means he is now listening to what we say and recognizing our voice more and more. 
  2. Eyebrows begin to grow
  3. Eyelashes begin to grow
  4. Hair is starting to fill in
  5. Taste buds are starting to form 

Pregnant Husband:
I think I am on wife's last nerve. My over protectiveness I am sure is taking its toll. Drink more water, give Cheetos a break, eat protein, lay down, get some rest, scratch my back....ok you get the point. 

Speaking of protein, she has developed a complete and total disgust and rejection for protein. The meat kind. And she hesitates to eat beef or chicken. She prefers to get her protein from legumes and beans. That is a definite tattle tale I will do with the doctor tomorrow. She needs to eat protein, the meat type. 

But it is documented the that significant other does get overprotective. While some women enjoy the attention others find it irritating. And of course, for those of you that really know us, it's the latter. 

But gotta protect my queen. Can't blame me. 



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  2. I was just going to ask if the baby has moved and today my question for answered.. yaaaay! Amazing huh? Wait till she starts recognizing voices and gets all echoed when papa talks out comes home. Read, talk, sing, pray to her/him, they hear and recognize. I'm enjoying every bit of this journey, give my love to the cuz, xoxo from all of us!

  3. Protein is key, so you may have to try smaller portions because it does fill you up faster. If not stick to Naked Juice with protein or do protein power shakes. Just an option.

  4. Definitely agree, the milestones as of late have been pretty spectacular. Especially the responding to touch is pretty wild!

  5. Bean burritos seam to do the trick.the naked juices. I've got them stocked in the fridge for sure. Problem though is that she prefers the fruity ones over the veggie ones.

  6. I developed a complete aversion to chicken during my first pregnancy with the twins. I ended up drinking Ensure, with the extra protein, to keep strong.