Tuesday, December 17, 2013

15w5d: Sleeping Positions Altered & Full Moon Strangeness

It feels good to share in our pregnancy. Today I revealed our baby announcement at the end of a presentation to a group of colleagues.

When I shared this cheesy act, the wife started tearing. I was like, you ok? She got really emotional about it. I think she marvels at my giddiness and to the extend that I go to share our happiness with others.

The news of yesterday's events sunk in as well so it was an especially tough day. After getting more information on the type of cancer, it was classified as Grey Zone Lymphoma. It's a very rare form of blood cancer. The first chemotherapy session is tomorrow. But we are confident that this will turn out well and kick cancer's butt. We are praying for it to go on remission.

Speaking of butts, the advice of the day is that the pregnant wife should not be sleeping on her back. She should only be sleeping on her sides, and definitely not on her stomach. Apparently, sleeping on your back blocks circulation to the uterus and baby since it applies pressure on the aorta vein. This happens because since the uterus gets larger it places it on top of the aorta vein and the inferior vena cava that runs down the back of the abdomen.

It is also highly recommended that 300 extra calories be added to the daily eating to meet the needs of the growing baby.

I wonder if Cheetos can count as a food group to fulfill that extra intake necessary.

As the full moon bloomed tonight, strangeness came knocking at the door late at night - literally. It was weird as this has happened before only when I've been away on business travel and the wife has freaked out!

Her headaches are back tonight so this frequency is a bit concerning. It's made it to my watch list to discuss with the doc on Friday. We have our next ObGyn appointment which I much look forward to.

For now, I sign off howling at the moon hoping the weirdness of the day turns into positive hope for tomorrow's cancer fighting journey with our dearly beloved folk.


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