Thursday, December 12, 2013

15 Weeks Pregnant: The Apple of Our Eye, our awe and wonder...

175 days to go.

Today is a special day in many ways. First, we are officially 15 weeks pregnant!

Second, it's the Day of Our Lady Of Guadalupe. A religious holiday in the mexican culture. I grew up with my grandmother and mom being total devotees and followers of the Virgen de Guadalupe. She is essential the virgin Mary who appeared to Juan Diego, an Indian peasant in Mexico City 482 years ago today.

I remember growing up with my grandmother praying with her on a nightly basis on her makeshift altar. I would see her devotion to her faith. Her prayer books, and her clockwork commitment to thank God for her gifts and her family. Those are what today brings to my heart. As I came of age, mom would wake me at the crack of dawn today to go to mass at St. Mary's dressed up as Juan Diego. I remember the smells of the hot champurrado (a traditional masa cinnamon drink). I remember the piercing sound of mariachis singing Las Mananitas (Happy Birthday song) at 5am. At the time, it was the worse sound in the universe. But now, those tunes bring such warmth and nostalgia. How times change.

So today I said a special prayer to our virgen of Guadalupe to continue blessing this baby of ours who is growing day by day and now listening to the outside world that awaits his anxious arrival. Let's see where he is at 15 weeks.

Baby at 15 Weeks:

  1. Our baby is the size of an apple
  2. Measures 4 inches
  3. Weighs 2.5 ounces
  4. Her primitive air sacs are developing by her inhaling the amniotic fluid
  5. Legs are longer than arms
  6. She can see light! (even though eyelids are still shut close)
  7. all four limbs have fully functioning joints now

Mom's Body:
  1. She fell today. It was a scare. Wife seemed more concerned about her iPhone cracking in half than the actual fall. So her spirits were good. But luckily it wasn't a bad fall. Just scraped knees and hands. 
  2. She has noticed a stuffy nose and clogged sinuses which is on track with symptoms of her pregnancy right now. Some blood comes from time to time which is normal.
  3. Her skin dryness is also present, especially her back.
  4. The occasional headaches still makes its presence known.

We had an awesome conversation tonight over dinner about simply us. Appreciating our relationship and the specialness that is our union. It was a moment of awe and wonder. I try to live life with looking for the awe and wonder around us. The biggest awe in my life thus far is our love. It's a wonder to me that this wonderful woman came into my life. 

Life Lessons
Today a special friend shared a beautiful tribute to her diseased husband. Five years ago this morning she woke to her husband having passed in his sleep. They were raising a beautiful daughter whom they had recently adopted from China. The love in that house was evident. Time healed her pain and allowed her to open her heart to love again. Today she is with a man whom has offered his gift of love and I couldn't be happier for them. I shared with her that those experiences allow us to love even stronger and more deeply having gone through those experiences. 

I'd like to share what she has learned in her life experience as its a powerful reminder to us all. 

Five years ago I woke up to find that my life as I knew it would never be the same, but through it all, I learned. I learned that:

1. A simple good night kiss and an “I Love You” can give you peace of mind for years to come. 
2. To say that life is precious is a gross understatement when you experience the untimely death of a loved one.
3. You have more strength than you give yourself credit for, especially when you have those that depend on you. 
4. When the pain is so unbearable that it brings you down to your knees, you are in a perfect position to pray. 
5. Though you may fight it, the reality is that life does go on; and you do get second chances, if you are ready to receive them. 
6. Anyone else’s loss is grieved as your own loss, because you now know the magnitude and depth of their pain. 
7. The most painful experiences can make you a better human being. One may never understand the timing, or overcome the loss, but you can choose to learn the lessons and embrace the new perspective. 
8. You never fully recover from a loss this deep; you just learn to live with the pain, serving as a constant reminder of that which is truly important. 
9. You have one life to live, but none of us know how long or short it will be. You need to do the things that make you happy today…right now. Count to three and jump, and never live with “what ifs.” 
10. You can wait to find happiness in only key moments of your life, or you can find it every day in all the little things that surround you. 

As I close this special day, I send my love to my golden retriever Chihuas who turns nine today. He is now mom's loyal companion. I had him adopt mom when dad passed away in 2007. He is a very special family member. 


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