Wednesday, December 11, 2013

14w6d: The First Phone Call From Heaven

176 days to go.

The baby is now regularly swallowing his amniotic fluid. His little bladder is now visible on an ultrasound as a black, fluid-filled structure in his lower pelvis.

Wife is feeling a bit tired and has been sleeping lots. Her frequent bouts to restroom continue as well as extreme dry skin and lotsa extra saliva in mouth along with headaches.

So happy to be back home with my lady.

I traveled back home tonight from my last business trip of the year. Busy work week filled with some beautiful memorials to the memory of our friend Sue Mullins. Tough week as this was another physical reminder she is in a better place. I found myself missing the rituals of our comraderie and debriefings at these meetings. It was comforting to turn back and see Linda there. It also brought a smile to my face that Linda kept uploading pics of the back of my head to Facebook. Something Sue would shake her head at but would get a chuckle from. Her spirit was definitely there.

Lotsa snow in Chicago this week too. For a minute I thought I'd be stranded there for days. Luckily that didn't happen. I did come back home to less ice but tons of piled on ice on my car.

Started reading Mitch Albom's newest book, The First Phone Call From Heaven.

Ended the night back home with a ritual I've grown up with since I can remember. The serenade and mass to the Virgin of Guadalupe at midnight. Tomorrow is her day.

Tomorrow marks the 482nd year that the virgin appeared to Juan Diego according to the story in Mexico City. This is a special day for me because my grandmother was such a devoted follower of the virgin. I remember a time I brought back a statue of the virgin filled with holy water from the place of her apparition in Mexico City. She cherished it and was at her makeshift altar every night she prayed. Life came full circle as I was given the privilege by the family who honored her wishes that I keep her ashes. Today, there is a level of spiritual happiness with me. She not only lives in me, but next to her remains, now stands that same small statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe along with her prayer books.

I couldn't help but link the book I'm reading with grandmother. I'm sad she is not here for the current journey of our baby. Sadder she won't be able to hold him. On the plane, I would imagine her calling me from heaven to tell me she is at peace and happy. That she is also still a part of our pregnancy journey despite her physical absence. But also to tell me to stop blogging. Yes, the rest of my family didn't get my recessive sharing gene. They are all quite private. So I'm making up for their lack of sharing.

Tonight I thank the virgin for playing an important part in the miracle of life we are being entrusted to raise, nurture, and love.


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