Sunday, December 8, 2013

14w3d: Baby Now Has Hearing!

Our baby can now hear us!

This is so exciting.

At this point the baby will start listening to everything mom says and will actually start recognizing his dad's voice.

This is taking this journey to a whole new level.

The baby may be a Jenni Rivera fan as that is what she heard all day long. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of her death on the plane so that many tributes to her today. Since we were still on day three of lockdown at home, well a Jenni marathon of concerts it was.

I think that is why wife went to bed with a major headache. She couldn't take it anymore!

I've been reading they now that the baby can hear, it's important to play classical music to promote the baby's creativity and development as it will stimulate her brain activity as it grows. I think Jenni's music can serve the same purpose!


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