Friday, December 6, 2013

14w1d: Icemageddon Hits Dallas Forces Nesting & Hibernation

Today was my first ever experience living in and through an ice storm. When I lived in Chicago, snow storms were the norm. But this ice business is chillingly serious business.

Now I understand why the city comes to a standstill. All roads because literal ice rinks without any traction. Many people today were stranded on the 35 freeway for over 10 hours and homes lost power. Scary stuff.  As I touched some of my plants, they would break into my hands.

Even though it's been one day in hibernation and without being to get out of the house, cabin fever is setting in.

The wife has had some funky body symptoms not noticed before. Especially the extreme growling of her stomach which is usually associated with being hungry. Excess saliva continues. But overall feels great and continues to get full immediately after eating few bites.

All while the baby is now growing eyebrows, eyelashes, hair and the forming of his taste buds.
His skeleton is beginning to harden.
His finger and toe prints are forming too.

But the biggest development that is happening now is his hearing!!!

This little lemon ( that's his size according to The Bump, the source for the information on this blog) is growing and developing in such an amazing way. It's so special to follow this journey day by day and be able to pinpoint what exactly is happening underneath mommas happy belly. It's like this little miracle is unraveling right before us.

The one big question I am most looking to be answered this trimester is "when will I feel the baby kick?" We are just two weeks away from this starting to happen. So I can't wait to document and talk about the wife's "Wow, I felt a kick!"

I feel we are in a time warp as time seems to go in slow motion yet things are moving so quickly.

Today, our special person was released from the hospital as studies continue on whether the cause is Lymphoma cancer or just a scare. A bone marrow extraction surgery was done today to see if the bones have been impacted by whatever is going on inside. Suspicion is NHL. We continue to hope this is uneventful.


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